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Taylor Pharmacy specializes in custom-fitted diabetic shoes.

We have over 65 different shoe styles and colors to choose from.

Diabetes and Footwear
People with diabetes are at high risk of severe foot disorders, including foot ulceration, infection, and even amputation. In fact, diabetes complications are the main cause for foot and leg amputations in America (more than 6,000 every month). Studies show that proper footwear, consisting of well-fitted shoes with sufficient width and depth, along with protective molded insoles can dramatically reduce the risk of ulceration and amputation.

How You Can Protect Your Feet
To provide your feet with uncompromised fit and protection, your doctor can prescribe you therapeutic shoes, which are specially designed for diabetic feet:

  • To eliminate irritation of the skin these shoes are made with soft leather, padded with extra foam and smooth lining.
  • They come in a variety of widths to precisely fit your feet and eliminate pressure points.
  • The shoes are constructed with extra depth to fit multi-layer insoles, which are molded to your feet by your foot care specialist.
  • These customized, multi-layer insoles will disperse your body weight over a large area, alleviating pressure on the bottom of your feet, and reducing the risk of ulceration.

Specially Engineered to Protect Diabetic Feet

Diabetic Shoes

Who is eligible?
You are eligible for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program if:

  • Your primary insurance is Medicare; and
  • You are under the care of a physician (MD or DO) for your diabetes; and
  • You have at least one of the several common risk factors associated with diabetes.

What does the program provide?
Under the Therapeutic Shoe Program eligible patients are entitled to one pair of shoes and three pairs of molded insoles annually. Medicare will cover 80% of the cost, and if you have a secondary Insurance, it will cover the 20% balance of the cost.

Click here for a printable Statement of Certifying Physician you can have your physician fill out and sign to be used as a written prescription. Then take the form Taylor Pharmacy.

We Also Provide and Bill for:

  • Blood glucose meters
  • Glucose strips
  • Lancet devices
  • All types of insulin and syringes

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